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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Essay on Benefits of Community Policing

The benefits of community policing is that it can effectively reduce crime rate.  Because of the impact of community policing in reducing crime rate, there are people who are pushing for its implementation in other parts of the country.  Moreover, in the light of the recent terrorist attack and the constant threat of terrorism, the community policing approach may be indispensable tool of the federal government in the fight against terrorism.  As the United States struggles to fight against domestic and international terrorism, community policing may serve as an effective weapon against terrorists.  The federal government is powerless against terrorists who are well-funded, well-coordinated and determined to carry out their attack.  The terrorists have shown last 2001 that they cannot be stopped.  While the government can thwart some of the attacks there will be instances when terrorists will succeed.  Getting the assistance of local law enforcement community could be very effective in the fight against terrorism.  The local police are familiar the people in the community.  They are also the ones who will first get the information if there are new faces within the community who are behaving suspiciously.  Fighting terrorism should be the task of the local law enforcement. 

On the part of the community, they must understand that the function of crime prevention and crime control are not the sole responsibility of the police.  Controlling crime is a complex task which a single government agency has no capacity to handle.  There must be a partnership and collaboration between the community and the police in the providing solution to crime. 

“The more a policeman is hindered from participating in the community the less he will understand public sentiment, the less well he will exercise his discretion, therefore the more are people likely to be irritated by his behavior, the more will they treat him differently in social contacts, the more isolated will the police become. As their sympathy for members of the public declines further, hostility towards them increases, they become further isolated, and so on.” (Michael Banton) Through community policing the community will be benefited not only in terms of lower crime rates but also lesser fear against terrorist attacks.

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Moreover, problem solving with the community also becomes a lot better.  Research about the benefits to the community in terms of problem solving is still in its infancy.  However, the data so far gathered is encouraging for both parties.  For instance, the police can be involved in tackling problems like drugs, alcohol, and even gangs.  Drugs, alcohol and gangs are serious problems.  Oftentimes, however, the police do not get involved in the drugs, alcohol and gang problem until the situation gets worse, such as when a person is murdered in cold blood.  The community policing approach seeks to do away with the traditional method of law enforcement.  Through the community policing the police can help participate in addressing these problems even before they become worse. 

Indirectly, the community will also learn to appreciate their role in crime prevention.  They also learn to organize themselves and participate in fighting crime.  They also learnt o mobilize their resources so that crime will be stopped.  Thus, community policing can help save lives.  It not only helps in reducing crime rate but it also helps save the life of many street children and even those involved in gangs.  Through the community policing more people will be saved from vices and gang-related violence.

The community will not be the only ones who will be benefited by the community policing.  The police will also be directly benefited by the improvement of relationships between them and the community.  When the community and the police are working harmoniously towards crime prevention, the police become more effective in the performance of their functions.  Moreover, there is better relationship between the police and the community.  The community will be more trusting of the local law enforcement.  The police also gets help from the community in dealing with crime making police work a lot easier. 

Moreover, police officer will be more motivated in the performance of their work.  There will also be greater satisfaction in the performance of the work among many police officers.  The community will also respect the police officers more.  They will come to appreciate the importance of law enforcement in the community.  

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