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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Essay on Impact of Cybercrime

            Cybercrimes create serious impact to the society.  Let us face, we are totally dependent and reliant to our computers and the internet.  As our lives become intertwined with computers and internet many people will continue to be victimized by cybercrimes.  With the advent of information technology and improvement in the telecommunication system, computers have become the wave of the future.  They make available multitude of information, help us pay our bills, communicate with friends and relatives in other countries, and enter into various transactions.  Recently however, the most powerful and fascinating tool of the 20th Century has been exploited and used for committing crimes.  It is now being utilized in committing crimes such as threat using computers, child pornography, fraud, gambling extortion, theft of intellectual property, hacking, releasing viruses, shutting down computers by flooding them with unwarranted information.  In addition, with the improvement of information technology, information about ourselves which we previously thought as secure and inaccessible, such as our bank accounts, and other personal information, can now easily accessed by a computer hacker and may even be used against us. 

            Although we have sufficient laws providing for punishment of cybercrimes there is yet no efficient and effective response to the problem of cybercrimes.  According to Johnston (2002) one reason is the complexity of these crimes. Unlike a common crime such as murder, one can easily understand that a crime has been committed.  When a person is killed, there is murder or manslaughter.  When a person’s properties are stolen, a crime of robbery is committed.  On the other hand, cybercrimes such as identity theft or telemarketing fraud are quite difficult to understand.  Most the time the people involved do not have an idea that they have been actually victimized.  Further, even if the people know that a cyber crime has been committed, oftentimes they do not know which agency to contact and report to for assistance (Richard Johnston, 2002, p.2). 

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            Despite the ignorance of the public about cybercrimes and other online crimes, it is worth nothing however that the public are slowly gaining awareness of these crimes.  Also worth stressing is the fact that the government and the public have started working together to fight cybercrimes.  A proof of this is the creation of the Internet Crime Complaint Center.  The IC3 is the Internet Fraud Complaint Center which was established as a partnership between the National White Collar Crime Center and the Federal Bureau of Investigation for the purpose of receiving, processing and referring criminal complaints on cybercrimes.  Since its creation the IC3 has received a number of complaints that range from computer intrusions, economic espionage, child pornography, international money laundering, identity theft and other crimes involving online fraud.

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