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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Essay on Fair Labor Standards Act

            It is a good business practice for employers to give proper attention to employees who start work early, stay beyond scheduled hours, and come in to work on days off.  A policy should be in place so that the hours of work shall be limited only to the regular hours of work and that to be compensable overtime work should be with the approval of the respective managers in every department (David J. Walsh, 2010, p.379).

The reason for this is that the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) which is a federal law that establishes the minimum wage, overtime pay affecting full-time and part-time workers.  Under the FLSA, employers should give overtime pay to their employees who work over 40 hours per week (“Overtime Pay”, p.1).  The overtime payment shall be at a rate at least one-half their regular rates of pay.  

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For instance, several groups of employees render work beyond the 40 hours per week, these employees may in the future ask their employer to compensate them for their overtime work.  In this situation, the employers may be required to pay their employees for work that should have been done and can be done during regular working hours.  It would be prejudicial to the interest of the employers who cannot argue that they are not required to pay their employees for their overtime work since the law is mandatory for covered companies.  The only way for companies to be exempt from the application of FLSA is to establish that the due to the salary and job duties of the employees who rendered overtime work they are excluded from claiming overtime compensation. 

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